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Our Story



My mother, Maxine Ann Frazier Logans, and her sister, Elizabeth Hill, had to learn at a very young age how to be resilient to overcome many obstacles that were placed in their way. They prevailed, entered the nursing profession and instilled in their children a sense of determination, courage and strength. The inspiration for Sistercare Counseling was born. We want to help others on their journey by providing compassionate services and instilling hope by ensuring that resilience and recovery can be a reality.

Kelley Logans-Ali, LCSW, LCDC, ACSW, psychotherapist

 My name is Kelley Logans-Ali, LCSW. LCDCI, ACSW, psychotherapist, LCSW Supervisor, Social Work Mentor and Adjunct professor. I have over 28 years experience in the social work field. I climbed the department ladder throughout my career and ended as the Mental Health Program Specialist for the State of Texas at Child Protective Services Division of Practice Excellence. I provided assistance to CPS workers across the state while they worked with children with severe emotional disturbance and adults with mental illness.

I have 16 years experience providing clinical services in which I worked at an acute psychiatric hospital and provided therapy through my private practice. I have been a parenting instructor since 1991 using many parenting philosophies including attachment theory and the nurturing program. I am certified in anger management, maternal and pregnant women depression, Illness & Recovery Mental Health and Substance use treatment, CBT, Solution Focused and mindfulness treatment modalities. I have been providing LCSW Supervision for over 10 years with 100% past rate. I provide consultation services for new therapist and social work mentorship.

I enjoy time with my children and did I mention that I am a bowling champion.

Services Offered:

- Psychotherapy

- Parenting

- Substance use treatment

- Budgeting

- LCSW Supervision through Kali consulting  


Jessica Macias, LcsW, LCDC

 My name is Jessica Macias, LCSW, LCDC. I am from San Antonio, TX but lived in St. Louis, MO for 7 years where I earned my Bachelor's and Master's degree in Social Work. St. Louis is where I began my professional career as a counselor, specifically a substance abuse counselor for adolescents. I have since worked in the school system, mental health, and substance use. Currently I am working with adults dealing with opiate addiction and my passion for working with those struggling with substance use issues has only grown. I focus on helping clients utilize their own innate and learned strengths to build a healthy present and future that may have been once thought to be out of reach. I strive to be compassionate and meet clients where they are at, as everyone's journey is different. I have training in Addiction and Recovery, Motivational Interviewing, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

I enjoy spending my free time with my loved ones as much as possible, going to the gym where my only focus is to breathe, and traveling. I splurge on a good vacation once or twice a year.


Jasmin Ali, BSN-RN, MSW Candidate

My name is Jasmin Ali and I earned my Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing from the University of Texas at San Antonio Health Science Center. I have spent most of my professional career working with undeserved communities in the hospital setting. My passions are in education and healthcare promotion.  An educated patient is a healthy patient.

Along with my work in the healthcare setting, I have worked in the community for the past 8 years assisting in the creation of programs that serve our communities. On my free time, I love to volunteer and get some Vitamin D. 

Services Offered: 

-Health Promotion Classes 

-Nutrition Counseling (with consulting a Registered Dietitian)  

-Budget Counseling